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Summa almost heres

2011-06-07 19:28:17 by Makaga


And everything started to fall

2011-05-04 19:17:50 by Makaga

It made me sad.

Zangief Kid.

2011-03-23 07:51:32 by Makaga

It was awesome!

Awesome games!

2011-01-11 20:06:12 by Makaga

Here are two games that are awesome!

Alley Fighter

Tukky's Christmas

If you love "Beat em' ups" and "Side scrollers" with a classic side to them, then these are the games for you.

Merry Fucking Christmas...

2010-12-20 16:03:51 by Makaga

& what ever you celebrate


2010-11-25 19:34:08 by Makaga


Dont even fucking eat it.

2010-11-05 21:35:19 by Makaga

If you find a box of ice-cream. Dont eat it.


2010-10-10 13:37:27 by Makaga

I'll mail the [] on Monday.

3.5 day work week

2010-08-28 11:08:03 by Makaga

You know what. People are to overwhelmed with work and school. If only there was a 3.5 work week. A 3.5 work week would be that people go to work or school for 3.5 days (i.e, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and first half of Friday) then get 3.5 days off.

To maintain proper work time, people could take different shifts. So if someone works on Tues, wed, Thursday, first half of Friday. Someone else could work second half of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Wouldn't it be better that way?


2010-08-11 19:44:47 by Makaga

What if there wasn't any feces?