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Great job!
Very funny and the sounds very good too!

Keep up the good work!

Pretty good.

I like how you displayed an evolution type animation, I have been dieing to see one. You here have displayed this in a good way. I like the choice of colours movement and song.

However, there are a few things that I think you should consider.
The cells suddenly turn into creatures, there isn't any morphing or anything, it just suddenly turns into a creature of some sort. I would also have liked to see more changes and a branch off of different creatures over time. I also noticed how there are some numbers missing.

Anyways, good job and keep up the good work!

SplinterNrurse responds:

ye i was meaning to make a more detailed and longer movie(past the point that they become dinosaurs etc.) but since time was a very big issue and it could only be a minute long i had to cut it down a lot

Not bad

This is a decent animation however it is rather quick and you can't completely see a major fight. Nonetheless, it is still pretty good. The thing that I would work on is touching up the graphics and perhaps adding more of a story line to this.

What I did like was the choice of music and voices put in to this. While the ending was short it was also kind of funny. Good work, keep it up!


Wow! Incredible!

Wow, this is a great animation, it's so action packed with all the running and what not. Great job!

I like this submission because it is full of fast paced action and different perspectives or view's. I really love how the red stick figure is like an urban ninja, owning all obstacles. I also like how the way you have drawn the background to make it almost 3-D ish, this adds a neat twist to the animation. It makes it seem more "alive". What I also like is the different angles shown when the stick figure is running, this makes the overall feel more intense. I also noticed something like a moving camera during the animation. It seems almost as if the stick figure is on tape and the camera is trying to get a perfect shot. This "effect" almost makes me feel like I am right behind the runner. I also find the choice of song(s) is good. The songs chosen have made this quite enjoyable. This is also a decent length show, I like that.

Great job and keep up the good work!


Good work.

This animation was particularly well done. This was a lengthy film and I enjoyed it.

What I would like to first talk about is the story line. I love it, the past times setting, it's just awesome. The action in this was also decent too, although I would have liked to see some more hand to hand combat and more guards. However, the lack of "intense fighting" was made up for from the sneaky moves of the thief. That was probably better than fighting. It's almost like the thief was some sort of medieval ninja that kicked ass with his arrows.

The second thing I would like to mention is the music and sound. I have to admit that the overall sound within this submission was good. If you listen closely you can hear some things (like the snipping of scissors on the guys carrying bag). The voices are very well done, and I really like how you guys got into character. I also like the music, it is great when it comes to those sneaky and fighting parts.

The third thing I would like to talk about is the detail and artwork. This stick animation did display detail and signs of effort throughout. I was happy to see the the backgrounds did just have more than one colour or object. Because of this, it made the appeal and environment seem to feel more alive and fit in with the animation.

To conclude, I would like to say a job well done. I assume that this must have taken quite a while to finish. I am proud of you because you showed great effort with sound, movement, detail and action. I encourage you to keep making excellent submissions and I wish you good luck and to keep up the good work!


Manfreak responds:

Thanks, this was a good review. Also just to clear this up, the voices were ripped from the games. I didnt make them.

I like it but...

This "opening scene" looks great, I just wonder why there is no actual story line or any action taking place.

What you could have done, is include an action story line to this because most people will probably expect something judging on this one scene.

With that, I hope you add something. Keep up the good work.

Rodcom1000 responds:

Glad you like it. This is the intro, there will be more to come.


I just like this really much because the actually commercial is so annoying, it's funny to see the normal guy finally attack the weirdo.

I liked the animation technique, and the ways things were drawn, the only thing that bothers me is that this animation is kind of short. What you could do is put something in after the guy gets strangled.

lukashafstrom responds:

haha thanks a lot, i'm glad to see other people hate the commercial as much as me

Very good.

I found this collab very good.
I admired how one object or character would have it's part, and then suddenly it turns into something else. It was euphoric to the eye with the special transitions and drawing effects. The music I found was quite good too. It matched the animations with a somewhat profoundly mysterious atmosphere.
Goob job.

The Greatest Flash Ever!

This animation is awesome.
It does display how weird some of those scientists can be.
This is a decent length cartoon, it's also very humorous. I can tell a lot of work was put into this animation Great job! Keep up the good work.

P.S: "Right-clicking to skip the preloader is not a great idea!"


This animation is very well done.
I like the amount of detail you put in, it makes the animation look great.
This is very mystic and profound. ( in a good way).
Keep up the great work.

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