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Galaga on steroids!

Great game. I love the whole evolving process, that was awesome.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics were good for a neat pixely style. There isn't really anything that could be done for graphics, although some may like a "fancy" graphic setting or something like that. The backgrounds were nice, the second last level really fucked with your eyes... I LIKED THAT!

Sound: 8/10
The sound was fairly well done. The music fit so perfectly for the epic battles on each level. The only thing that bothered me was some repetitiveness of some sort in the sound tracks. But that's just me.

Game Play: 10/10
Holy crap! This game takes space shooters to a whole new level! There are so many bullets. The challenge to kick ass and dodge millions of bullets is amazing. Yes, this game definitely deserves the secondary title "Bullet Hell Shooter". The choices for power-ups or evolving are nice, it makes me feel like I have a say on what goes on. The last level is astounding, it's meant only for the true players. Those levels make you feel a bit of a rush, it's almost impossible for me to describe how it feels to play this game.

Overall Quality: 9.3/10
Man, this game made me feel like I was back in the arcade blasting away bad guys. Great job for bringing that feeling back to me! The sound is good, just perhaps a slight variety or choices with songs. The game-play is amazing, there are a decent amount of levels. I'm happy with this game. There isn't much to add/fix. The things I suggested are just minor things, you don't really have to worry about them. Anyway, awesome game Squize, I hope to see more from you.

Keep up the good work!

Squize responds:

Wow, thanks man.
I remember the first time I played Defender in the arcades ( I'm old ), and it just blew me away, it was deafeningly loud and so in your face it was untrue.
Every shooter I code is a homage to that, one day I'll get it right, and everyone will hate it apart from me :)

Atari version of Double Dragon!

Man, when I first started this game I was like "This is gonna suck." But after I attacked the first enemy, I was like "Damn, this is awesome!"

The colours are great. Some games use such a disgusting pallet, but not in this game, everything is vivid and clear. Punching alone feels so satisfying, when I realized that I could jump kick and slam down on crowds made me feel like I was fucking Bruce Lee kicking the shit out of everyone! The bombs and shotgun are a great touch! I love how the sounds are so real! The hits are great and the sound the people make when they die is hilarious, "Ungh". Haha. The music is cool and it gets you really into the game. The graphics remind me of the Atari days, especially since the main goal is to get a high-score and challenging your friends to see who is the best Alley Fighter. When attacking, your fists and feet enlarge, it reminds me of Battletoads. And the fact that it's in a alley with crowds of bad guys makes me feel like it's Double Dragon.

Great game! Thanks for bringing back that classic feel of gaming, this is epic!

Keep up the excellent work!


JoSilver responds:

You're Very Welcome,

and Thanks.

Good game.

It's a good game. The concept is simple and to the point. The graphics are nice and the music fits. The levels are creative and I like that whenever you mess up a jump or whatever, you don't have to redo the whole level all over again. Thanks for the checkpoints! Though it would have been nice to save progress. This game reminds me of platforms in the last decade (It reminds me of that Siint Nicolaas game for some reason). The choice of enemies is interesting, I don't remember the last time I played a game where bees knocked me over. Having a time limit on this game makes it a semi-fast-paced game, good thing I can collect watches for extra time eh?

The one thing that bothered me in this game was the controls. I found myself missing simple jumps since I stopped moving. It would have been beneficial to have a run button (Z key as an example) so that momentum isn't lost after avoiding an enemy and then having to jump onto a moving platform. Also, when I hit the jump button, sometimes Tukky doesn't jump. Say there were a series of jumps up ahead involving enemies and gaps, I'd run, jump, land try to jump again, but fall off or get hit. Running and jumping along with time between commands, seems slightly off.

Overall, it's a good game. A creative side-scroller with interesting enemies, hazards and a simple "collect em'" in game challenge. The only thing that needs improvement is the controls, but hey, if that's part of the challenge, then I guess it's okay.

Keep up the good work


Great Game!

I've been meaning to do a review on this game for a few days.

Let me first say that this game is amazing! Just the title of this game begs you to play. On the front page, I thought that this game was another cheesy car game. I decided I should try it out and I realized that this game wasn't cheesy at all.

The graphics are the first thing that I noticed very well. I like the colour choice a lot, it suits the game. The way the graphics are displayed are great! Driving at high speeds through everything feels right. There isn't a weird nauseous feeling which is good. Many games with "Neon Light" make me feel weird, this game doesn't. I cannot explain this. Everything just "fits". I adore the graphics.

The sound/music is nice. The music is just rocking! I feel awesome using the turbo whipping around tight corners. There is also this techno-y kind of music that sometimes plays. I predominantly dislike techno/computer generated music, however, I found myself okay with this game including such music. I fancy that glass shattering noise when red cars are destroyed, it makes me just wanna keep crashing into them.

The gameplay is masterful. Upgrading the car and beating courses is fun. I really enjoyed this. Nevertheless, I would have liked to have seen more levels and possibly achievements to accomplish (beat level 4 under 60 seconds).

The controls are quite exceptional. I didn't have any problems or discomfort while playing. Everything seemed to respond very well, I found no glitches/problems which caused steering behaviour issues, so it's all good.

Overall, I would rate this game a 9/10. Aside from almost cumming in my pants from the colours music and fast action, I would have liked to have seen more levels and achievement goals. Great job! Keep up the good work!


LongAnimals responds:

Cool, thanks for taking the time to do a good review! :)

League of Evil...

The title "League of Evil" suits this game perfectly. Why? Because this game is fucking evil (pardon my French). The music is great, it has a catchy tune. The graphics are also cool and look retro. Great job on that. The first level/tutorial makes sense, but the game takes off way too fast. The second level, I was astounded. "Electric spikes already" The first 8 levels or so seem reasonable despite the quick take off. However, the game seems to get way too difficult around half way through the game. I understand you wanted to make the game challenging and quick paced. In my opinion, I think you took that way too far. It might just be that I can't beat this game, or it is just a tedious, asinine ball of code. When I go to perform dangerous jumps, I find that I can't double jump sometimes when needed. What happened? Was there a glitch in the code? Also, the timing with those spinning spike arms are atrocious! Half the time they are in the correct spot. I find that I die way to easily.

What I suggest you do, next time is that you make a game like this is to include a health bar, 2 hits, that could be it, that's all I would need. One hit is just a grotesque gesture of saying "You suck". Include "save states". I find myself in a tricky area and it took too much effort to get there. I am afraid I won't make the next jump and guess what? I have to start the whole level all over again. I suggest that you also double check coding for any errors.

Anyway, I played and beat your newest game "Gravity Duck". That is a great game. I found no glitches, timing was hard, but not too hard. It was and is a great challenging game and I hope to see more like those. Just make sure you don't take a game to far.

Graphics = 8/10
Music = 9.4/10
Storyline = 10/10
Gameplay = 5/10
Controls = 4/10
TOTAL= 7.28/10

Keep up the good work!

prince of persia the movie

is the worst movie ever

Not bad I suppose.

The game is okay, the attacks work (even though it seems slightly delayed), the jumping and moving is fine. like how you "humanized" Shadow. The music is okay, but seems repetitive. The game isn't annoying, it isn't boring (although it could use more action and colour). What I do really like about this game is that is had a fair amount of work put into it for your first submission.

But I found a problem about 30 seconds into the game. I was running to the right, then jumped up to the right then jumped to the left. I kept going left until I found a red orb, I passed through it. Anyway, the problem I want to talk about is when I passed the red orb. I jumped to the left and I just kept falling. What happened? Was that a glitch? I recommend you should fix this or at least take note of that problem. Now I know you have to kill all the enemies, but why did that glitch happen?

Hope you can fix this glitch.
Keep up the good work!


Extreme ToeNail!

I found this game quite fun for some reason.

It was simple and challenging at the same time. I liked the upgrades, those really helped and made the game more fun. I also like how everything shatters and explodes when shot at, that is extreme. I also like the music, it makes the game feel more intense. What I also like is that there is screaming and crap flying all over the screen, it's hilarious and fun at the same time. Good work!

I don't really have anything bad to say about this game. I didn't find any glitches, so that's good. What could have been better though, is if this game were a little longer, because I beat it around 9 minutes and 32 seconds. That said, maybe you could make a sequel to this game and make it longer.

Keep up the good work!

Great game.

Hey, great job on the game. It's original and makes you feel semi-submerged in nostalgia. I felt like I was playing some sort of Atari game (I guess that's what you were aiming for because it says Atari in the description). Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!

The concept of getting pixels is fun and challenging, something a game should have. I also like the music, it fits very well with this game. Despite some minor problems, this game is great. What I find excellent about this game is that you don't seem to get lost when going all over, it's fairly simple and that's what I like.

There is a few problems though. Like everyone else says; "The jumping is a little challenging". I found myself at parts where I was one pixel off and I had to go back and do several jumps over again. I also found, that sometimes when I jump to a platform, my foot will touch the platform, but I end up falling through. This reminds me of The Wizard of Oz game for the SNES. This problem is strange, and I find it frustrating when I finally get a good pattern down, but mess up on the last jump.

Anyway, good game.
Keep up the good work!


Fun and simple!

Great game!
It's simple and to the point.
The music is matches the 10 second theme, it kind of makes you hurry a little. The controls are simple, and the sound affects are neat. Good job on the pixel style, it looks retro. It's good to play games that remind you of the past.
The only problem in this game is that sometimes, at the first jump, if your not spot on, you'll fall through the ground.

Keep up the good work!


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