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Yes, relatable.

Wow, I thought that hip hop sucked. But you have changed my point of view. I love oskool hip hop and your work.

Man, this song is definitely relatable, can't tell you how many times I have been there.

Great song, love the beat and singing. It seems that you put a fair amount of time into your songs, which in turn creates wonderful masterpieces.
Keep up the great work!

Goodnight lil' buddy.

What a great song.

The are no words to describe this song's deep emotion and tragic theme.

Great song.

I was listening to your song Dreadnaught (which by the way is great) and I decided, hey, why not check mores songs made by this guy. So I went to your page and found this excellent 8-bit piece of work.

This song has a great beat, I love the voice effect too! I also like how the music flows very well and goes good with the lyrics. 8-bit songs are good, but this song has some unique components to it that no other 8-bit song has. This song seems to have more background sound as opposed to others. I found myself listening to this over and over, it's like looking at a fire, you can't stop, your mesmerized. I also like the different elements of sound and tone you chose for this song. Doing so makes this a great song. I also like how the beat picks up faster than most songs, and I like the part where the song seems more "emotional" at around 3:05 and up. This song needs to be more recognized.

Great work! I hope to listen to more of your songs. Keep up the good work!



Wow, this a great song.
I can picture Mario and Luigi totally owning the crap out of everything!

Great job, you got the tune the exact same as the original except this time with rock!

Keep up the good work!


Another day...

An excellent piece here snayk.
It's a somewhat sad song, yet laid back and calming.
When I listened to this, I somehow found myself reflecting on past times.
I don't know how to put it, this song is just too good to explain.
Great job, keep up the good work!


This really is ambient. This is great to listen to.
The song makes me think...
Listening to this feels like there are no problems.
Great job!
Keep it up!

Happy and Sad.

This is a peaceful song. Like the others say "it's calming".
This song makes me think about time and it somehow reminds me that the small things in life are actually big. I also think of time, life, the past, the present and future.
The mood for this song is cheerful but it is also kind of sad. I reflect on my life...
Great job.

Space expands faster than time... It would only explain why the edge of the universe is not visible.



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